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Forward thinking global corporations understand that diversity in thought improves results and have made the commitment to addressing the diversity and digital divide.

Corporations have made the commitment to partnering with diverse and women – owned businesses as part of their strategic initiatives. In 2023, The Billion Dollar Round Table alone spent $180 billion dollars on this initiative. However, corporations are still unable to find enough women and diverse – owned businesses that are vetted and have the ability to scale.

Meet Bridge 2 Technologies (B2T) – The Next Generation Platform That Bridges the Divide

B2T brings together corporations with diverse and women owned businesses to facilitate meaningful, profitable partnerships.

Corporations will have the ability to empower and partner with vetted diverse and women owned companies with the capacity and agility to scale.

B2T diverse or women – owned or led business will have the ability to connect with corporations and bid for business opportunities.

As a Global Intellect Summit attendee, reserve your spot today as a founding member.

Founding member Corporations will receive a 25% discount for the first year subscription,
Diverse and Women Businesses will receive a 15% discount for the first year subscription. 

Founding member benefits valid until July 31st, 2024.

B2T Global, National and Regional Corporations


B2T Diverse or Women – Owned or Led Business Enterprise